26 July 2009

random musings at an ungodly hour...

Hello world! I just got back home for a show. It went well.

Though I found out that my trainer is in a band, so naturally I had to look him up. Stars After the Storm. Look them up.

Okay, now on to write about what I really wanted to write about.

I have currently taken up watching shows on escapistmagazine.com and frankly, I love them all. At least the ones that I've watched. Let me sum them up for you.

Starting first with Unskippable.

Unskippable is like MST3K only for video games. It's just 2 guys and they riff on the unskippable parts of games, the cut scenes as they are known. They have great lines and are very funny. For instance in Star Ocean: The Last Hope (a game I've actually seen played) the game says, "men started to look skyward to space" to which the response came "as opposed to skyward to the ground."

This particular episode of Unskippable had a guest riffer, Yahtzee. Yahtzee does Zero Punctuation. This is the second show I started watching, but I have to say it's my favorite. Yahtzee is a game critic who talks really fast and uses simple stick drawings against a bold colored background. He is snarky and rude and I love his sarcastic wit. This is one you have to watch to really get.

Then one day I just finished watching all the past episodes of both Unskippable and Zero Punctuation and had nothing else to do for the day. This was during my unemployed phase. So I started clicking on the other banner on the side of the page. First stop There Will Be Brawl.

There Will Be Brawl is a drama about Nintendo characters. The story follows Luigi Mario (or Mario Bros. fame) in a very dirty NYPD Blue-type world. Princess Peach rules the world, but is not doing a very good job, namely because she keeps getting kidnapped. So the one ruler is "missing" and the Head of the Police (Link) has placed Princess Zelda in charge until Peach is found. This is not a good thing as apparently Zelda is an evil bitch in this world. From there, I get a little confused. There were 3 Dons (Mew 2, Bowzer, and Koopa) but I think they're down to just Koopa as the other 2 were horribly mutilated. It's a good show, but a little hard to follow and even harder to remember when they only update the last Friday of the month.

So as I wait, I found Doomsday Arcade. This plucky little show comes from Australia. It's about 2 guys (the Michaels, but don't call them that) who are, for some reason or another, public enemies #1 as far as the gaming community is concerned. Let me rewind a bit. The games have found a way to use Portal technology (my all-time favorite game, B T Dubs) to enter the real world. They start a war because they are sick and tired of being killed over and over again. So they decide to take out the Michaels as they are the biggest threat. This show is very funny and even though it has a very young cast, I think it is wonderfully put together. Star Michael Shanks also directs and writes and even though there is a lot of corny dialogue, some is actually very witty. Though I kinda hate him as 1) he's living my dream, 2) he's lives in Australia, and 3) he's only 18!

Finally there's Rebecca Mayes Muses. She's only had one clip, but I expect great thing. Ms. Mayes is a singer/songwriter/gamer from England. Already she's so but better then me in every way. Her first song is about The Sims 3 which I own and love. Yay! SIMS!!! It's very catchy and will get stuck in your head.

Well, I think I've promoted escapistmagazine.com quite enough. And in case you're wondering, no, I have not been paid to write this. I wish I did, but I am not that cool.

Yak at ya'll laters.

Fiser, OUT!

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