30 August 2015

Tiny elephant!

So I have this elephant pattern that I shared earlier.

Well... this is the tiny version of it. It needs some work getting the proportions right, but it think he's super cute.

He sits about 3 inches tall.

28 August 2015

Something profound and HoneyHoney

For the past three days I've worn my contacts, made myself look pretty with makeup, and generally dressed up.


I honestly don't know. I just felt like being pretty. And you know what? It's made me feel better. I've generally felt better about myself in the past three days than most of the three months.

I guess "fake it til you make it" kinda works.


In other news, I've been on a HoneyHoney kick for the past three days as well.

Maybe this whole looking pretty/feeling better is their fault... hmm...

Anyways, they had a new album come out and it's amazing. The first single is You and I and I just cannot get enough of it. It's so good. Here... I'll share the video.

I don't know what it is, but I just love it.

It also inspired my latest writing project, but that's a different story. 

19 August 2015


Tonight is my first night with my new CPAP machine. I was suppose to get it awhile ago but with my taking care of my aunt 3 hours away, I just couldn't stop in to make the appointment.

Now I don't know how many of you know what a CPAP is, so here's a brief knowledge break. Some people have this problem where they stop breathing when they are sleeping. This is sleep apnea and it happens more often if you are overweight. Basically when you are sleeping your jaw weighs down on your windpipe and blocks the air flow.  The CPAP fixes the problem by keeping a regulated flow of pressurized air going. This keeps the windpipe open.

Or at least this is how the lady explained it to me and it all makes sense in my head.

To know if you have apnea you do a sleep study. There the cover you with diodes and monitor your sleeping. I was informed from this study that I stopped breathing 56 times an hour.

Not the highest number I've heard, but still pretty bad.

Now they tried a CPAP on me during the study and in my half sleeping state I opted for the nose only mask. The other one was just too much for me to handle.

They look like the picture above. (Or wherever the mobile app decides to out it.)

In essence I've become an elephant, which has always been a life long dream of mine.

The thing with the nose only mask is that you have to keep your mouth closed. Otherwise the stream of air will go out your mouth. It sounds and feels really weird.

So now I'm gonna try to sleep tonight and not think about how I have this hose attached to my nose that is keeping my airway open so I don't stop breathing while I sleep.

Humans are complicated.

15 August 2015

New habits.

(WARNING!! This post will contact harsh language.)

I have this issue. I'm really bad at creating new habits.

"Now, Harper," you been to ask, "why would you need to learn a new habit? You are already perfect."

Well, thank you, random blog viewer. But, I am far from perfect. For example, and the reason I am writing this particular post, I am really bad about brushing my teeth.

Gross, right?

Yeah, I know. Super gross. But I just never seem to remember to do it as part of my morning ritual. I guess I just don't care. And in my 30+ years, no one else has seemed to care either. Except for my dentist. He cares.

So I tried writing a To Do list on my mirror with a dry erase marker.

It looks like this...

Not actual bathroom.
So just a simple list. But apparently it's not good enough. Cause I still don't do any of that on a regular basis.

Well... PJ time is the exception. PJ time is best time.

So I changed my message to this...

Still not actual bathroom.
And so far it's working.

In as much as I wrote it two days ago and I have brushed my teeth both mornings.

It hurts like a bitch, but I'm pushing through.

04 August 2015

Harper's Packyderms

One of the other things I do is make memory elephants. They have the same concept of memory bears, but you know, with elephants.

Because an elephant never forgets.

This one is made from one of my grandpa's flannels and is for my grandma.

She saw one I made for my aunt after her surgery and was super jealous. Grandmas... am I right?

If you are interested, let me know and we can discuss options.