30 April 2015

You know what I mean?

You know when you are watching a movie and the movie is trying it's hardest to foreshadow something that it's painfully obvious?

The ones where you suddenly care for a character because everything in the movie is telling you that this character will die at the end of it so you better be prepared.

The ones that make this character the most important character in the movie even though he or she may not be all that important.

The ones where you sit through it chewing your thumb because you care about this character and you absolutely will walk out of the theater if you hurt one tiny hair on his or her head.

And then in the end it was all a ruse and some other character dies instead and you feel absolutely nothing for that character.

I kinda hate those movies.

Accidental cosplay

Today I realized something as I was walking to my car from Walmart...

This was my outfit today.

All I need is a raccoon mask and a giant bag with a dollar sign and I'd be the burglar from The Sims.


28 April 2015

Hello...? Is anyone here...?

Hmm... it seems like this thing still exists.

Well, then... I might as well put it to some use.

I am beginning a journey. A journey that I would like you all to accompany me on.
My journey will officially start tomorrow, but I felt as though I should get the place all tidied up.

But what, you may ask, will I be doing.
Well... I'll be doing a number of things. There may be the occasional movie review post still, but I will also be using this blog as a way to keep myself on track with my goals. I have found that I need some place to log my activities, my weight loss struggles, and really anything else on my mind. So I will use this page as that.

Now that I'm this far into this dribble I should mention that I had a tooth pulled today, so if any of this doesn't make sense it's because my head to whooshy right now.

Anyway, tomorrow will be the beginning of a brand new adventure. I'm glad to share that adventure with all of you.

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