23 June 2015

I do do other things...

But right now I realized that I haven't posted about my last episode of my let's play of Gold Rush! and my latest episode just came out!

That's two episodes I failed to post!

That just will not do.

So please watch and enjoy.

I just finished the play-through, so I need your help to decide which game I play next.

You choices are...
1) Still Life
2) The Charnel House Trilogy
3) Any of the King's Quest games
4) The Talos Principle

Now I have a choice in my head, but I will play whichever gets the most votes.


16 June 2015

Point and Fail and MORE!!

I can't believe how much fun I'm having trying to play this old game.

Trying being the operative word.

In this latest episode I encounter a memory fail.


This game is almost as old as I am! How do I not have enough RAM to run a 30 year old game on my BRAND NEW COMPUTER!?

But I did figure out what was going on and was able to to some more episodes.

Watch episode 3 here!

In other news, I am still working on my coozies. So that's fun.

I took Mom to the Chippewa Valley Log Jam on Sunday and it was awesome! They still have one more weekend, so go check them out.

I think that's about it.


12 June 2015

Jurassic World, or Harper reminiscences about her 10 year old self

I was 10 years old when Jurassic Park came out in the theaters. I was the most excited 10 year old girl you would have ever met if you met me going into the theater that day.

You see I had done my research. I had read the book first. And that book blew my 10 year old mind!

My favorite part was that each chapter heading had a fractal that kept getting more and more complex as the book went along.

So 10 year old Harper went with her whole family to see "the dinosaur movie."

I'm pretty sure I had nightmares that night, but it was worth it to see that awesome T-Rex at the end with the banner fluttering to the ground.

At that moment I wanted to become a paleontologist. I wanted to go to U of U and study in the desert and become a famous scientist and whatnot.

I think there must be an alternate universe me somewhere that actually did go to Utah and was in Salt Lake City during the 2002 Olympics and met Josh Groban just as he was getting big and married him and had two beautiful children, Nathaniel and Superfly. (Points if you get that reference.)

But alas, this universe Harper forgot that dream sometime around The Lost World coming out, me reading it, and me getting super pissed at the author for retconning Dr. Malcolm just so there could be a sequel to the movie.

I bet you are wondering about the picture of the shirt. I own this shirt. I wore it tonight when I saw Jurassic World,  22 years to the day of the opening of the first movie. It's a sweet shirt design! Props to the designer.

Anywho, I bet you want to know my opinion of the movie. I rather enjoyed it. There was a lot of "oh my god, guys. Did any of you watch the first movie? It is in your collective universe. You know what happened. What the hell do you think you are doing?" There was also a lot of "Chris Pratt take your shirt off" be he never did. I will admit that there were some super tense moments that I quite liked. And some silly "look! 3D is a thing that people seem to like" moments that just break the magic when you watch a 2D version.

But at the end I felt like I was 10 years old all over again. I genuinely cared about the dinosaurs on the screen and I could not wait to hear that T-Rex yell of victory.

And it was glorious!


11 June 2015

Random update post!

I feel like I haven't talked with you guys in awhile. How are things?

I've been busy doing things that I want to do and not things that should be done in the house. Basically I'm saying that my house is a mess and I'm not contributing to cleaning it up. I am a horrible person in this way, but I'm working on important things.

I've got my let's play channel going. I have several episodes already done and scheduled to go up in the future, so there's that.

In fact, here is the newest episode.

Also, I've been working on lots and lots of corset coozies. For sale exclusively at Toad House... until I decide if I want to put some on my Etsy store or not.

Also also... I've been looking into Southern New Hampshire University for furthering my education. I'll let you know what I decide on that front.

I think that's it for updates.


09 June 2015

Point and Fail

(A big thanks to my sister for the great name.)

I just started something I've really wanted to do with my YouTube channel.

That's right! I made a "Let's Play" type video.

Here it is...

So I didn't want to be like everyone else and play normal games. Oh no, I wanted to dig into the world of point and click adventure games.

I love these games! I grew up with these games! These are, in my opinion, the best games!

And now you can watch me play them and fail gloriously.

Let me know what you think.


04 June 2015

Ooo... so fancy...

I made this corset coozie for the Desert Bus Craft-a-long. I'm super excited as how it turned out.

I am allowed 2-6 coozies for the Craft-a-long so I may have to make a match to this... or not... I'm still deciding.

Don't worry..  I will post the complete set I'm sending before I send it.

Also, you can purchase your very own corset coozie at Toad House in Ladysmith. Stop on by!