10 October 2015

Selfies... why do we hate those that love themselves?

I've been thinking a lot about selfie culture.

Let's step back a second. What is a selfie?
A selfie is a picture that you take yourself. Most commonly taken by tweens of the female variety.

There seems to be a lot of hate for the selfie. Why?

For ages upon ages people have been trying to make a mark... to make themselves immortal, so to speak. Artists have done self-portraits. Writers are always inserting themselves into their writing. Singers write songs about their own experiences.

So why do we hate it when young girls take pictures of themselves?

Why shouldn't they want to make a mark?

So I'm joining the selfie revolution. I've turned my twitter into a Selfie a Day archive. I wasn't really using it for anything else.

Here's my first one...

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And here is the full picture.

I am so tired.
So... yeah... selfies!