13 November 2009

disaster porn...

... or why I love disaster movies....

I just saw the majority of 2012. I say majority because I missed the last half hour as we were all taking turns watching the reels so they don't brain wrap. If you understood that, congratulations! you probably work as a projectionist or did at one point.

Why I was voted the reel keeper for the very last portion of the movie is beyond me. It could be because I was sitting by myself all peaceful-like and they couldn't stand it. But most likely it was because I am over 18.

Back to my review...

I love disaster movies. I don't know what it is about them... the big budgets... the even bigger CG special effects... the obvious blue/green screen effects... but whatever it is, I love them. 2012 is no exception. It reeled me in to the point that I actually cared about the one-off character who, when introduced, you knew was gonna die, but you kept rooting for them anyways. (Oh, Sasha, you were hot and Russian. My two favorite qualities in a hot Russian.)

This movie had a lot of aspects of other disaster movies in it. One could safely say that it was like almost all major disaster flicks rolled into one. You had some Poseidon mixed with Titanic (which is very redundant) mix in some Perfect Storm and 10.5 (yes, I watch the SciFi... 'scuse me, SyFy movies) then sprinkle on top some Day After Tomorrow only flip it.

I would have to say that this movie is very much like Day After Tomorrow, only instead of a new Ice Age you have extreme global warming. In fact, it seems that the harmless neutrinos released from solar flares are actually cooking the Earth from the inside out. Just like a microwave, and that analogy is straight from the movie. (Which is surprising to think that I could actually come up with a line from the beginning of a 3 HOUR movie.)

I must pause here for a second and mourn. I just read on Wikipedia (I know, a very reputable news source) that there is plans to make a TV series based on the lives of the survivors. I smell bad idea.

I was searching for something but I know can't remember what it was.


Oh yeah, at one point in the story the land masses shift as well as the poles. This puts the South Pole smack dab in the middle of Wisconsin.

So, yeah, looks like another normal winter for Wisconsin in 2012.

Yay, Wisconsin jokes!!

I'm totally off track. I liked the movie. I don't want to spoil anything... Not that I could having not seen the last 30 minutes. But I do want to not spoil the things I did see.

It's a disaster movie.
It's not for everyone.
I enjoyed it a lot.
Sasha is a hot Russian.

Yup, that pretty much sums it up.