15 August 2015

New habits.

(WARNING!! This post will contact harsh language.)

I have this issue. I'm really bad at creating new habits.

"Now, Harper," you been to ask, "why would you need to learn a new habit? You are already perfect."

Well, thank you, random blog viewer. But, I am far from perfect. For example, and the reason I am writing this particular post, I am really bad about brushing my teeth.

Gross, right?

Yeah, I know. Super gross. But I just never seem to remember to do it as part of my morning ritual. I guess I just don't care. And in my 30+ years, no one else has seemed to care either. Except for my dentist. He cares.

So I tried writing a To Do list on my mirror with a dry erase marker.

It looks like this...

Not actual bathroom.
So just a simple list. But apparently it's not good enough. Cause I still don't do any of that on a regular basis.

Well... PJ time is the exception. PJ time is best time.

So I changed my message to this...

Still not actual bathroom.
And so far it's working.

In as much as I wrote it two days ago and I have brushed my teeth both mornings.

It hurts like a bitch, but I'm pushing through.

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