15 July 2009

Harry Potter...

I've mentioned before that I love my job...

Well, I did on my Facebook blog.

Anyways, I work at a theater and I request to work midnight showings. One, the crowd is so packed full of energy, you just can't help but feel awesome. And two, I've worked 2 since I came back to the theater, and both of them I've gotten paid to watch the movie.

How awesome is that!

Tonight (this early morning?) was Harry Potter... for the 2 of you who didn't know... and it was great.

Of course, I didn't watch all of it.

Let me explain...

My last midnight showing was Transformers and we were having sound issues in theater 2, so Jen (my boss) asked me to stay in the theater and keep an eye on the sound. So I had to sit through the whole movie and "watch" for sound issues.

So tonight (this morning?) I was in a theater that did not have sound issues, but no one told me to leave the theater. So being the responsible person, I hopped around from theater to theater (we had 4 sold out screens) checking to see if anyone was watching their theaters. Two other people were, but I was all paranoid that someone would come in and yell at me that I couldn't get into the movie. Plus I had to stand the whole 2hours 45 minutes, and I'm just not good with standing.

So I don't have a review for the movie. Not the complete movie, anyways. There were some awesome bits, and Ron can seizure like it's no one's business (spoiler? probably not). It felt like it lacked a lot, but then again, I came out once to check what time it was and found that 2hours had already gone by.

Oh and I loved watching the romantic tension between ... everyone!

On a lesser note, I got to dress up for work. Of course, I was the only one dressed up, but then again it was not announced. I asked and Jen said okay. I was Bellatrix, and as soon as I get the pictures from my sister's camera, I will post them on here. Needless to say, my hair was awesome!

That's about it for me tonight (this morning?).

Fiser, OUT!

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