22 July 2009

great movie ideas....

So Hollywood's been really pissing me off lately. Namely because everything released has either 1) been a sequel for a previous movie or 2) been a re-imagining (or in some cases a blatant rip-off) of an old movie.

I'm gonna pause now for that to sink in. I know a lot of you do not want to believe that Holly wood is deceiving you.

"No, oh God no! WHY!!"

But yes, it has.

Now I'm not gonna say that there hasn't been an original idea in years, because Up was pretty original, but aside from animated movies, the picking are slim for originality.

So I would like to submit an idea that is not my own. (Ironic, isn't it.) This is from YouTube personality sxephil. I think it would be the best movie ever.

"Vampire robot Nazis who are also zombies will attack us. And though the unaffected humans will team up with dolphins with laser beams on their head, it will be a close fight. Cause what the situation needs is Chuck Norris, but Chuck Norris is now a vampire robot Nazi who is also a zombie. And everyone knows the only thing that can beat a vampire robot Nazi who is also a zombie Chuck Norris is flying raptor Jesus. And I don’t want to be a cynic, but I don’t think flying raptor Jesus is gonna come to our aid. But that’s just me."

~Philip DeFranco, on how the world will end.

Now I would pay my $8.75 to watch that. (What, I live in Wisconsin. That's the price where I work. Though I wouldn't have to pay. I get a free movie a week. You now envy me.)

Another idea for a movie would be Ludo's Broken Bride. Again, not original as it is from a different media, but still more original than most everything out there. On a side note, listen to that album.

I'm sorry, but I am a bit distracted right now. I'm watching Torchwood: Children of Earth. I would say we should remake Torchwood, but I am 100% against remaking good British shows into American shows. Look what they did to Blackpool (Viva Laughlin, anyone?) and Life on Mars. If anyone touches Torchwood, I'll personally storm the studios.

So I've got to go. Much more distracting Torchwood to watch.

Fiser, OUT!

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