18 December 2015

New format!

After much deliberation I have decided that I need to spend more time on this pet project of mine. So I have painstakingly mapped out the followed schedule for myself.

Monday - new(ish) movie review
Tuesday - new video on YouTube
Wednesday - in depth discussion of story I'm working on
Thursday - new video on YouTube
Friday - personal journey discussion
Saturday - new video on YouTube
Sunday - off... because sometimes you just need a day off.

I need to make this blog my own so I've segmented it into the three areas of my life. Personal, work, and hobby. In this case "work" is the book I'm working on. Because someday I'll actually publish something and then silly update posts like this will be a thing of the past because I'll be too busy travelling and signing books.

Hey... a girl can dream...

Monday's movie review may alter to include book reviews, tv reviews, and general anything I like reviews.

Friday's personal days are important. Because doing something for yourself is necessary.

So... yeah... new schedule incoming.

Just in time for the new year.

I don't think I could've planned that any better.


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