21 December 2015

Monday Review - Fallout 4

I was going to start my grand re-entrance into movie reviews with the most recent movie I watched.
But that was Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
And since my reviews tend to be a bit heavy on the spoiler side of things, I am forbidden to review it for a couple of months.
At least until the statute of limitations is lifted.

So instead I’m gonna review Fallout 4.

I finally finished my first play-through of the game, which says a lot as it is the first Fallout game I’ve been able to finish. And there’s still a lot of things for my character to do in the Commonwealth, but I’ve completed the main storyline.

Here’s a brief rundown of the expedition of Tara.

  • After watching my husband get shot and my son taken, I am freed to wander the vast barren landscape of Massachusetts.
  • I find a dog.
  • I help find a synth detective who helps me find out information on who took my son.
  • I travel into the mindscape of said kidnapper and then kill him.
  • I saved the DJ from a bar fight and thus help him become a more manly man.
  • I become the Silver Shroud… and get some poor ghoul killed. (But I reloaded like 8 times trying to not get him killed. It was very sad.)
  • I then go on a brief killing spree out of anger.
  • When I come back to my senses I find out that my son is at the Institute.
  • I go there and find out that my son is actually 60 and in charge.
  • I vow to help him because he is my son and I love him and I don’t really care about anyone else in the commonwealth.
  • In doing so, I kill a lot of people that I have met along the way.
  • Son dies and I become the new director of the Institute.

And that’s it.

From what I’ve read about the game, I got the bad ending. The Institute is bad and should be destroyed. But they were doing so much for the betterment of the world and technology I just had to agree with them. Cause I’m all for science!

Overall, I had a pretty good time playing the game. I got rather good at sniping. And extremely good at become over­-encumbered and not being able to run.

Fallout… the game that teaches hording.

I’ve already started a new play-through. The one is my “dicking around” character. His name is Jim and for a good number of days he was dressed in a green dress and matching hardhat. He only carries a 10mm and a shotgun – named Yvaine and Zeus respectively.

I highly recommend this game.

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