09 May 2015

My week... (May 3 - May 9)

Am I actually gonna use this blog like I said I was gonna use this blog?

I guess I am.

This past week has been a rough one, and I'm not entirely sure why. It started off fine and was super awesome in the middle, but once Thursday came around I was just super blue.

Guess it's time to stop "forgetting" to take my meds.

So this will get really personal from time to time. I'm okay with sharing, but if you don't want to get that personal with me I would stop reading.


Mondays have been my "take grandma to her appointment" days and let me tell you just how much fun that is. I call her (or she calls me) around 9am to make sure that we are both up. I remind her that her appointment is at 3pm. She tells me she's just going to get ready. Then around noon I get ready and head over to her house and usually find her sitting in her pajamas worrying about some little thing. Usually it's the cats, but this past Monday it was that she was feeling tired. I feed the cats, make a shopping list, and other things. I didn't think we were gonna make her 3pm appointment this week, but somehow we did. She had a list of errands that I had to do while she was in her appointment, so I didn't have to be bored for the hour it take. That was nice. Then we go home and that's it.

Tuesday I mowed the lawn at Grandma's and got a slight sunburn. Then I took our new dog, Rusty, to the vet. For being a free dog, he is turning out to be quite expensive. Heavy matting, hook worm, dirty ears, no RFID chip, Lyme's... just to name a few. But he's the happiest dog I've ever seen.

Wednesday I took my Aunt Peg to RiffTrax: The Room. It was great.

Thursday started great. I had time in the morning to get all my shit in order. I scheduled my month and started working on a budget. Money is something that I've always had a fleeting relationship with. (Please click the ad on the side... I would very much appreciate it.) But since I'm getting everything else in order, I might as well learn to save money.

Then I drove home. There is just something about my house that drains everything out of me. It's hard to explain. I would love to clean the damn place up, but every time I enter the door all motivation drains and I just want to lay on the couch.

Friday started good... I learned how to fill cream puffs and freeze soup at work. That may not sound like anything much, but it is. Then sometime around 2pm I just didn't want to be anymore.

I occasionally get like this. I have talked to people about it. I'm not suicidal, I want to stress that, I just have really low moments and there's nothing I can do about it. So I just veg for a bit and wait for it to pass.

So when Mom got home last night to me just laying on the couch... that was why.

But today was better. I got up early, for no reason, and just went to work. Seriously... I was an hour early. So I took my time getting everything ready for the day. It was nice.

So that was my week. I didn't do much in the way of working on my diet, but I had other things on my mind. I will say that I did hit my ActiveLink base line 6 of 7 days and hit my goal 3 of 7 days, though I was really close 2 other days. And I logged my food this morning. Then again I did have McDonald's breakfast and that's the worst thing in terms of points I could chose to eat. Just something I need to work on.


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