12 February 2010


I'd like to start by saying, "I LOVE MY JOB!!"

I just got to watch Wolfman before it's open. I was "watching for miss frames." Basically I got to watch the movie, by myself, and make sure it was put together correctly.

I love my job.

First, what exactly do I know about this movie. Well, watching it didn't really expand my mind. I wrote this next paragraph before I watched. It's pretty much spot on, with just a few tweaks.

What do I know about this movie? Well, Benicio del Toro plays Wolfie, which is quite possibly type-casting. Then again I can't really think of another movie he's been in. Hugo Weaving plays creepy inspector guy who also is a Wolfie and NO that's not a SPOILER because it was in the trailer.* It shouldn't've been there is we weren't supposed to know. Emily Blunt plays damsel... not much of a compelling role, and Sir Hopkins plays Van Helsing. Come one! I am not the only person who caught that connection.

*Weaving's character was not a Wolfie. The thing in the trailer was a creepy boy Wolfie that just happened to look like Weaving. That's just unfortunate. Sorry, but he's a creepy looking person.

Speaking of creepy looking people... EVERYONE (save Emily Blunt) in this movie is creepy looking. It's like they sent out the casting call specifically calling for creepy people. The only person they were missing was the guy that played Tracy in The Tooth Fairy.

So I laughed through the whole movie. Mainly because Jen is hilarious, but also because the movie turned out to be quite ridiculous. It could've been awesome. It could've been an awesome 3-hour movie, but I think they sent it to some hack team of editors who decided that the most important shots of the movie were moon phase montages.

They were everywhere! I know that the moon plays an important role in werewolf movies, but COME ON!! It's like nothing important ever happened the rest of the month so they just fast forwarded.

There were a lot of jump cuts to nothing. One scene had BdT and Miss Blunt sharing a moment by a waterfall. He "hears" distant horses. Cut to horses coming up the drive and he is ALREADY THERE!! How is he possibly that fast?

And that was another thing. I'm sorry, but BdT is not attractive. How did he end up as the romantic lead? I know, ugly people need love too (I know that better than most) but seriously... stick to the uggo crazy roles you're good at.

And don't get me started on hats...

I'm off topic.

I had high expectations for this movie. I need to learn to never have high expectations for a movie. They always let me down. This could've been epic, like Dracula. Okay, so Dracula wasn't a perfect movie, but I at least thought it was brilliantly made. This could've been epic, but in the end it was not.

So should you watch it? Well... I'm not one to tell people that they need to see a movie. Unless it's Ironman. Go see Ironman. This movie... watch it if you've exhausted all choices except Valentine's Day. Definitely watch this before that puke-fest of a movie.

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