31 March 2016

Batman v Superman

There is a reason I prefer Marvel over DC. Namely that DC has just been making everything dark and gritty. I'm just not a fan of dark and gritty superheroes.

A warning... there will be spoilers for this and for Man of Steel (which I have not seen, but know enough to spoil things).

Okay, so who decided that Superman, the literal all-around good guy, was dark and gritty? Cause honestly it doesn't make sense. He's the good guy and everyone loves him.

Except the people in Batman v Superman. And that's the main plot of this movie. Because of what happened in Man of Steel, namely the leveling of half of Metropolis, Superman is not the hero people want.

Bruce Wayne, who happened to be in Metropolis at the time of the leveling, is one of the main opponents of the Man of Steel. But he's busy doing Batman things in Gotham.

Side point, has Gotham always been "across the bay" from Metropolis? Cause that just seems too much of a coincidence. Much like the fact that both the heroes mom's are named Martha.

I would try to go over plot in this review, but it was just all over the place. So let's instead talk about characters. Henry Cavill's Superman is so dry. I understand he's an alien, but he's been on Earth for his entire life. He's never really know how life was like on Krypton, so stop making him so... personality-less.

Ben Affleck was also a bit one-note, but honestly, I love him too much to complain. Thanks, movie, for the unnecessary shirtless workout scene.

Gal Gadot was great and needed to be in the movie more.

Jesse Eisenberg was my favorite part. He can play crazy really well. And this Lex Luthor is bat-shit insane.

So, overall, I wasn't too impressed. It was mostly confusing. I liked the little cameos for the other members of the Justice League and I cannot wait for the Aquaman movie.

Frankly, I just think that DC has to stop focusing on it's two main players and bring up the rest of the roster. Yes, I know, the last time they did, it flopped. But that's what you get for doing Green Lantern before Wonder Woman. We all just want a Wonder Woman movie.

Make it happen!

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