05 November 2015

It's NaNoWriMo

So I'm gonna post some bits of the various things I'm working on. Enjoy.

This is from what I'm tentatively calling The Fool. It's a mystery/thriller type thing.
The crisp morning air burned her lungs, but it was a good burn. The kind of burn that made you feels glad to be alive. The kind of burn that told you exactly what time of year it was. The kind of burn that lets you know exactly what the weather had in store for you the rest of the day. It was a beautiful mid-October morning and there was a hint of rain in store for the evening; not much, just a sprinkle. Davina breathed in deeply as she jogged along the sidewalks. Considering everything that had happened within the past year, she was very lucky to feel alive. The subtle creak of the prosthetic leg – attached mid-thigh – also reminded her exactly how lucky she was indeed.

She bounced down the sidewalk, humming along to the song on her player. She had always had the habit of jogging an hour each morning, but she had finally been able to regain her top distance of five miles. She glanced at her watch/heart monitor – half way done and beating in range. She finished the block and arched around. She was a full block further than yesterday, an estimated distance of 2.7 miles. It was a completely new record for her since the incident, and she picked up her step on the way back.

A breeze fluttered through the trees, rustling any loose leaves to the ground. One landed in her ponytail, a bright red maple leaf in near perfect condition. She reached up to put it out, but instead left it there. She would get it later, if it didn’t fall out by itself first. If you didn’t know better, it looked like she purposely placed the leaf in the bind that held her hair. She continued along bouncing down the way, and her long, dark ponytail bounced conversely to her steps.

And this little nugget is from a weird alt-history/sci-fi number I've been working on for a long time. No title.
“Good-bye, Alice.”
The farewell didn’t register at first. She was too preoccupied with her own plans. It was the feeling of his hand slipping out of hers that made it click. She spun around and saw him scribble something on the frame.
“No!” She slammed her hands against the glass, the glass she was once able to phase through at will. She pounded and cursed the man the put her there. She pounded until she couldn't and rested her head against the pane.
"Nikola, please..." she sobbed but he could not hear her.
He looked at her with remorse and placed a hand on the glass. He mouthed just two words before leaving her forever.
"I'm sorry."

And this final piece is from a completely different story that has a bit of romance but is mainly just a character piece. Funny story, this started as a bit from an In Plain Sight fanfic. 
Annie woke with a start. The bedroom was completely dark, save for the soft blue glow of her alarm clock. She stared at the ceiling waiting for her eyes to adjust to the dark. She didn’t want to look at the clock. Somehow she had fallen asleep but was rudely awakened by some strange noise. If she lay there long enough she was probably fall back asleep, but she just had to know what the noise was.
She sat up and looked at the clock – 1am – it had better be Eli. She climbed out of bed and adjusted her camisole. Apparently she was quite the rowdy sleeper and even though she was alone in the house, she needed to look presentable.

“Eli?” she peered her head into the darkness of the hall. A wind rustled through the blinds in the distant living room but no other sounds came forth. She tip-toed down the hall. The whole scene racked her senses. The dark caused her eyes to water and her ears perked at every slight noise.
She stumbled over a shoe and landed loudly into the wall. This was enough to knock the fear out and she laughed at herself.

“Good, Annie,” she scolded herself, “laugh it up. Just turn the damn light on and get it over with.”

She felt around for the light switch and lit up the hall. However, as soon as the light came on she met a Louisville slugger to the face. It sent her spinning to the floor.

“You should have stayed in bed,” the batter sneered.

Several blows landed on her back and sides. She tried to crawl away, but her assailants kept beating her down. One pulled her over and grabbed her throat.

“You’ll leave a great message. We were just gonna trash the place,” it was a man, but Annie couldn’t see him through the white fireworks in him mind.

“Wrong place, wrong time, right, boss?” this voice was female with a slight Boston accent.

The man let up his grip and turned to his partner.

“How many times do I have to tell you? Don’t call me boss!”

The lights dimmed and the only thought that went through Annie’s head was get to the phone! She tried to pull herself toward the coffee table. It was a foot away, but it seemed like a mile. The two intruders were too busy arguing to see her reach for it.

Reach! Come on girl. You got it! Now unlock it and call him!

She had the phone in her right hand and brought it close to her face to see it. Her left eye had started to swell and her hands were covered in blood. Somehow she managed to open it and get to her favorites. He was first on the list.

The woman saw her first, “Boss, the phone.”

“Why you little bitch!” the man kicked her in the face and the phone went sliding under the couch. She just hoped it connected as she braced for the worse. It came in abundance. She felt her right arm snap before she finally blacked out. As the darkness overcame her, she thought she could her Eli’s voice calling her name.

Now I must get back to writing. 
Happy NaNo everybody!!!

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